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Rich Strachan

CEO / Senior Partner
Richard is a Digital Strategy Consultant with over 20 years in the industry, marked by a tenure as CEO of an award-winning digital agency.

His expertise covers digital media, project management, and a deep understanding of Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Operations.Leading digital agencies, he has driven innovative web and mobile projects, aligning digital strategies with business objectives.

Richard's experience includes working with organisations like the BBC, the Red Cross, and Activision, showcasing his ability to lead diverse teams and manage large-scale projects.

Now as an independent consultant, he brings this wealth of experience to optimise clients' digital presence and operations, leveraging his industry knowledge for transformative strategies.

Client Testimonials

Fernando Carballal

Associate Director, Product Development and Operational Partnerships at IRC

Richard brings a wealth of knowledge around digital products and provides strategic guidance to non-experts using technology in a clear and coherent approach. If you are looking for support developing a solution, Richard is a fantastic collaborator and he can help take your ideas to the next level.

Tim Gough

Software Engineering & Application Director at Simply Health

Rich was everything I would want in a supplier, creative, supportive and flexible. He delivered fantastic services for us and I really enjoyed working with him. He has fantastic knowledge of the market and has a very clear ethical strand that made him stand out to me.

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